Is Your Car Depreciating? This one Has GONE UP More than $2 Million in Value

Whenever you purchase a car, you should definitely be ready for the value to plummet ...

Whenever you purchase a car, you should definitely be ready for the value to plummet as it drops off of the table and through the ground when you start driving it. In the vast majority of vehicle purchases, if they aren’t sitting at the residual value where the car is worth as little as it will drop to, most of the time, unless some sort of amazing circumstance unfolds in front of you, the machine will probably decline in value, leaving you with a car that’s not going to get you your original investment back even if you take the time and money to invest in the modifying it. In fact, that might make it even worse.

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However, in some situations, every once in a while, you might run into a vehicle that does the exact opposite. While something like the real estate market might be a little bit more predictable, providing different signifiers that will give you a good idea of what might be a good investment for the future, the automotive market does nothing of the sort. Some cars might seem like a great investment as they’re rare and special but end up flopping on their faces while others pop up out of the blue, seemingly, really shocking people with their eventual value that they end up bringing.

In this one, we check out one vehicle that, if you purchased it back in 2003 for for the original $650,000 price point, you’d probably be jumping for joy these days as a nice example of can bring between 2.5 and $3 million. If you follow the video down below, you get the top to bottom a Ferrari Enzo with YouTube car fanatic and reviewer, Doug DeMuro, as he tries to divulge upon exactly why something like this might have shot up so much in value, bringing a pleasantry to the owners of the wicked design.

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