It Looks Like a Rusty 4-Door Nova, But Has Magic Under the Hood

If there is one area where looks absolutely do not matter, that would be racing. In ...

If there is one area where looks absolutely do not matter, that would be racing. In fact, in some facets of drag racing, good looks of a vehicle might actually be something that ends up going against your prospects of winning. After all, if you’re looking to sneak up on a potential competitor and blow right by them, if they don’t expect it to come, well, you have more of a chance to win as they go to sleep on your potential! This is why you have seen the phenomenon of the sleeper become more and more popular as time goes on in the racing community. Making a car look like it’s nothing special but hiding some top-notch performance parts under the hood is a big part of bringing the perfect Frankenstein of a race car to life.

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In this one, we head out to Holly LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky to check out a very special machine, indeed. Now, the car known as “Sweet Pea” might look like nothing more than a nice little patina covered four-door Chevrolet Nova, however, when you take a peek under the hood, you can tell that this thing is a little bit more than an old-school car that has been sitting for a couple of years without any love. Instead, under the hood, as the name of the event would suggest, you have yourself a nice little LS power plant with a beefy Borg Warner turbo to really get the party started! When this thing spools up and goes, you’d better get ready for your jaw to drop.

Follow along with the BigKleib34 video down below that will take you on the scene, allowing you to catch up with the owner to hear all about some of the special quirks that go toward making this car an impressive little sleeper. After being able to see all that this old-school Chevy has to offer, be sure to tell us what your favorite part of the car is.


Goodness gracious, these passes can't be real! Such a sick sleeper.

Posted by BigKleib34 on Saturday, December 8, 2018

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