It May be Old and Rusty, but Give this Nova a Chance, it Might Surprise You

In the world drag racing, one of the most exciting phenomena that you will come ...

In the world drag racing, one of the most exciting phenomena that you will come across is that of the sleeper. When a car doesn’t look the part and ends up coming out on the track and shocking just about everybody, you really can’t help but fall in love with the machine. This time, we head out to Street Car Takeover in Atlanta to tune in with a Chevrolet Nova that, on the surface, looks like it’s just been rolled out of a barn, however, when this machine gets to work, it’s a pleasure to watch as it absolutely rockets down the track. Even with the parachute hanging off of the back, I don’t think anybody saw what was coming next.

With a nice and handy coat of rust on the outside, making this patina come to life, the Nova does a pretty good job of hiding what’s underneath of it. Even to the trained eye, while you might suspect that a little something is up with this car, I don’t think that anybody really thought that it would be the eight-second monster that it proves it’s capable of being. Thanks to the help of 406 cubic inches and a pair of 76 mm turbos, this thing absolutely makes it’s presence felt, staking its claim near the top of the pack. The boosted machine pretty much teleported to another dimension when it launched that hard off of the line.

Check out the video down below that takes you to this scene to show you exactly what this unsuspecting Nova is capable of. If you should find yourself lining up next to this thing or another vehicle that looks something of the sort, be sure that you don’t sleep on it because the results might be a full view of taillights for he or she who doesn’t know what to look for.

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