Jake Paul Just Bought a $350,000 Car with YouTube Money

In this day and age, things are so rapidly evolving past where they used to be even ...

In this day and age, things are so rapidly evolving past where they used to be even just a few years ago, and if you ask somebody who grew up a couple of decades ago, pretty much nothing looks the same. Heck, even to some kids born into the 90s, their childhoods look vastly different than the world that we live in today. Thanks to the internet, there are so many more opportunities out there for people to “make it” in across a wide variety of spectrums. From retail all the way to entertainment, the opportunity is now right front of you whereas years ago, succeeding in either platform would mean a lot more legwork to make the connection.

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As you can see, with platforms like YouTube and the now deceased Vine, people have become essentially overnight celebrities. While there is definitely a lot of time and effort involved in making a profit on these platforms, some people show that you’re now able to become famous in more ways than anyone had originally thought. Even the practice of daily vlogging, which simply takes you inside of somebody’s life, people have managed to find a way to showcase their everyday actions to become more than everyday people as they have built up mountains of wealth on these videos that aren’t really even all that special.

One of the names that has really seized the day and made the most of these platforms is one Jake Paul, the guy that everyone seems to love to hate. While that name has definitely managed to polarize people who have heard it, love him or hate him, which there is definitely a fair amount of each, you have to admit that he’s really made the most of the opportunities afforded to him and, as such, has built up quite a collection of wealth that has resulted in big houses and extravagant purchases galore. Below, we follow along as Jake uses a chunk of that YouTube money to purchase what many would consider to be a dream car in a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. You can follow along with the video below that shows the car delivery and be sure to tell what you think of how all of this has come together for this controversial figure.

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