January Seattle Ice Storm Encapsulated an Entire Car

If you live on the west coast or are far enough south, chances are that you probably ...

If you live on the west coast or are far enough south, chances are that you probably won’t have to endure too many treacherous winter conditions. I guess the the term “treacherous” can be rather subjective, however, this time, we’re talking about the treacherous conditions that folks in the north would consider as such. When it comes down to it, things can freeze over fast. You can get snow, ice, and freezing temperatures that really make any kind of commute or even as much as going outside pure misery that you’re going to want to avoid altogether.

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In this one, we take a look at a Seattle ice storm that went down in January 2012 and ends up being quite entertaining to watch the results of. No, this wasn’t any mild winter weather that maybe tossed out a couple of snow flurries on top of the ground but instead, an ice storm that managed to spit out a frozen liquid to cover cars entirely, encapsulating them with thick sheets of ice that would make them incredibly difficult to get into. When things start icing up like that, they’re not only freezing, obviously, but they begin to get dangerous as well!

Follow along in the clip down below that shows you a completely frozen over car that looks like it needs a nice vacation to somewhere warm. Even watching something like this almost makes you get a little bit chilly and want to throw on a coat. After you see what this ice-covered car is all about, be sure to chime in and tell us what you think of this situation along with telling us about your worst encounter with winter weather. I know that, around the United States, they can get pretty intense at times so we want to hear about your most intense winter story.

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