Japan Meets America in Giant Robot Duel

Japan Meets America in Giant Robot DuelThe Last CTS-V3 sweepstakes is LIVE, enter ...

Japan Meets America in Giant Robot Duel

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To be honest with you, we kind of thought they were kidding when we read these headlines but, in fact, every child’s fantasy is about to come to life.

It’s a little like something out of a Transformers movie. Not too long ago, America called out Japan in a robot duel and caught them off guard.

In this clip, we can see that Japan opened the challenge with open arms. This one could get interesting, even more so than Japanese supercars taking on the best that America has to offer.

Check out the details below. We can’t wait to see how this one turns out. While this seems to be a friendly encounter, it leads us to think that we could be looking at the future of warfare.

Are MIT robotics soon to replace mother nature?

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