Game of Thrones Actor, Jason Momoa, Recalls Custom Built Motorcycle For Father’s Day

Jason Momoa is known best for his performance on screen. He’s been in plenty of ...

Jason Momoa is known best for his performance on screen. He’s been in plenty of hits from Game of Thrones to Aquaman. His resume is quite impressive but we would venture to think that his acting career isn’t what he’s most proud of. Instead, it seems as if he’s a man who likes to focus on the simpler things in life. This time, with the help of a short video, he lets us inside and shows us what he really cares about. Momoa might just be a little bit closer to the gear headed community than we all might’ve thought!

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In this epic short film, he tells of his first experience with a motorcycle. As he recalls, there was one particular moment where he fell in love with them. However, what he didn’t realize at the time was that this would become a pivotal life moment. It was a scene that was put in front of him that would never let him be the same ever again.

This would lead him on a wild journey with lots of twists and turns. This journey would lead to another pivotal moment where he would buy a motor that needed some love. Jason admittedly had absolutely no idea how to fix it. When life would happen, the motor would sit but he would later find out that it was for the better.

When we follow along below, we hear the story as he tells of eventually building a bike with his kids. It’s in this moment that he can not only teach but also invite them to take part in this passion. It’s at this moment that it all comes around full circle. Not only does this story tell more about Momoa, but it manages to act as quite the inspirational piece, as well. I think that we all stand to learn a thing or two from this line of thinking.

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