Jay Leno Might Own the World’s Coolest Supercharged ’68 Bronco – It Has GT500 Power and Looks STOCK!

We’re not sure that there are too many people in the world who have a car ...

We’re not sure that there are too many people in the world who have a car collection that rivals that of Jay Leno. Not only does he have countless cars. These countless cars offer up a wide variety as well. Some are expensive, others not so much. Some levitate toward stock while others are on the radically modified end of the spectrum.

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This time, we check out one ride that gravitates toward that radically modified side of things. Not only that but this one has quite the story to back it up as well. In light of the recent 2021 Bronco unveiling, it seemed like the perfect candidate to go on a tour of.

The 1968 Ford Bronco pulled from Jay’s personal collection just so happens to be something that he got for free! In fact, him taking ownership of the SUV seems like it was almost a part of a joke.┬áLeno had been given the Ford Bronco by Craig Ferguson along with a note that served to bust his chops in a friendly way.

At the time, the truck wasn’t anything special. As such, it just sat around for a while. After all, Leno has a ton of cars and surely, a ton of projects as well. We’re sure that he’ll never have time to get to them all.

Anyway, after being spotted by┬áDave Pericak, the director at Ford Icons in Jay’s shop one day, Pericak seemed to fall in love with the Bronco. The rest was history as he was able to talk Leno into a bit of a project.

When all was said and done, the Bronco looks like a pretty clean restoration. The cool part is perhaps that they managed to keep the original look because this ’68 isn’t an original Bronco at all! Instead, under the hood, we find the power plant from a Shelby GT500!

In the video below, Leno takes the time to go over the truck from head to toe, pointing out everything that makes this old Ford something incredibly special.

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