Jeff Lutz In His 57 Chevy vs The Unicorn Nitrous Chevy at Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep

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Following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event episode, Discovery Channel took the show west and rolled into Tucson Dragway for another race with a nice fat check for the winner. With another huge group of stars from the show as well as some of the biggest names in no prep racing on the property, that $40,000 check would certainly be earned, with the winner almost guaranteed to have to take out some heavy hitters on the way to the win.

In what would end up being one of the best individual races of the event, a couple of classic “Tri-Five” Chevrolets would face off and put on one hell of a show for the capacity crowd on hand in Arizona. Drag Week legend and Street Outlaws regular Jeff Lutz brought out his newest creation, the new twin turbo car he built for Drag Week, known simply as “The ’57”. In the other lane, the nitrous-injected 1955 Chevy known as “The Unicorn”. Both of these cars are great looking hotrods, though Lutz’ ride is sporting a little primer thanks to an encounter with the wall at Bristol back in the Summer.

It’s obvious, however, that the car is 100% functional, as you can tell right off the bat when Jeff lays down a beautiful 250’ burnout to put down as much fresh rubber as he can to help the car hook up on the unprepped track. The Unicorn also lays down a nice smoky burnout, though not quite as long as Lutz.

The cars back into their fresh rubber tracks and pull to the line. As soon as they stage, the green light flashes and they leave together, sticking almost door to door for the whole 1/8th mile. Only because of the win light in the left lane can we tell for sure Lutz pulled out the win.

These two cars look great and laid down a pair of killer passes, something that’s not always that common in the no prep world. Props to both racers for putting on such an awesome show for the fans!

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