Jeff Lutz & The 57 Testing in Mexico With FNA Follow-up

Jeff Lutz’ 1957 Chevy, known simply as “The 57”, is one bad hombre. We’ve already ...

Jeff Lutz’ 1957 Chevy, known simply as “The 57”, is one bad hombre. We’ve already seen the car going toe to toe with the baddest names on both sides of the “to prep or not to prep” debate, proving that Lutz himself is just as versatile as the car is. Now he’s decided to make a run at the list. Yes… THAT list.

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But before one can take a shot at the 405’s Top 10, there has to be some time for testing, and that’s exactly what Jeff is discussing in this video from Farmtruck and AZN’s YouTube channel, appropriately found under the FarmtruckandAZN name on the video-sharing website. After racing at the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings event in Tulsa, Lutz decided it was time to put the car on the street, so he loaded up to make some test hits somewhere south of the border. With a tune in the car that went at least as quick as 4.39 on the track dialed into the car’s electronics, the car actually bit hard enough to slam the wheelie bars into the ground and take off out of the hole like a rocket ship.

Thanks to the engine being set way back in the chassis and the rest of the car being light but stiff and very well built, it had no trouble finding traction on the street surface, proving Lutz’ skill as a tuner and chassis setup man is on par with his skills as a Drag Week champion and fabricator. You can see in the slow-motion clip that the car is hooking hard and rolling out despite being on a legit street surface.

I also have to take a moment, as a photographer and fan of great video and editing, the point out the badass production work in this clip. I know my good friend Lou Renova from 405 Photo works closely with Farmtruck and AZN and I want to give him a personal “shout out” for continuing to push his work to higher and higher levels of quality. Great stuff, Lou! Keep it up, my friend!

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