John Force Goes BOOM For The Third Race In A Row At Gator Nationals During Qualifying!

For the third time in as many races, Funny Car legend John Force has suffered a ...

For the third time in as many races, Funny Car legend John Force has suffered a massive explosion and destroyed yet another Peak Antifreeze Camaro body, this one wearing a special Stars and Strips motif. Unlike the first two explosions at Pomona and Phoenix, Force was able to climb from the wreckage of this explosion unassisted and did not require serious medical attention. He did suffer a cut to his hand, which was bandaged and wrapped, but did not require stitches.

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I’ll be the first to say I’m the farthest thing from a crew chief or tuner, so I have no suggestions for figuring out what’s causing these devastating explosions, I simply hope the sixteen time world champ is able to get to the bottom of things before he ends up getting seriously injured.

It almost seems like they may be better off to scrap everything on this car and rebuild it from the ground up using all new parts and components. I’d almost be willing to bet when they do find the culprit, it will be some dime store part like an o-ring or a single bolt or screw that’s causing these dangerous – and expensive – boomers.

Following a tangent I don’t often get to discuss, I have to give huge props to my friend and fellow trackside photographer Mark Rebilas for managing to be in position to capture all three of Force’s explosions so far this year. Mark is easily the best in the game when it comes to capturing the power and speed of the NHRA, and I am always happy to have the opportunity to share his work with the world. Mark has taken the time to answer my (countless) questions over the past few years and has truly helped me learn and grow as a photographer. He’s also a pretty fun guy to watch while he’s working, as he’s constantly on the go, changing position, angles and cameras constantly to make sure he captures everything that’s happening.

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