“Trash to Gold” Junk Boat Comes Back to Life

There is such a satisfying feeling about taking something old and making it new ...

There is such a satisfying feeling about taking something old and making it new again. Whether it’s a car, boat, or maybe even a house, it can be a really good sensation to feel accomplished when the job is done. No matter which platform the person in question chooses, though, things can get really challenging. All of these platforms operate on the spectrum from unsalvageable to perfect. Most are somewhere in between those two polar opposites. It’ll be up to whoever is doing the restoring to decide if said platform is worth bringing back to life. I guess that all depends on how much time, money, and experience the individual doing the work has.

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This time, the platform in question is none other than a boat. On the surface, this thing might look like a complete loss. To the untrained eye, the algae-covered fiberglass might indicate a project that is going to take a lot of expertise. While it does appear to involve some sort of technical knowledge, this boat looks more and more salvageable as the process is carried out.

It all starts up top with probably the most satisfying part of the entire ordeal. Taking a pressure washer through this thing makes the old boat look pretty new again. It does a great job of bringing back those dingy surfaces to life. Obviously, that’s probably the easiest part as a mechanical undertaking has to be done as well. When all is said and done, though, it looks like this boat owner went through some pretty tough steps in order to bring this vessel back to life again. At the end of the video, when we see the boat making its way through the water, it seems like a job well done. This guy looks like he’s ready for an awesome summer!

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