Just When you Thought you Knew Paintball, Tanks Burst on the Scene

When it comes to playing paintball, some definitely get into the sport more than ...

When it comes to playing paintball, some definitely get into the sport more than others. If you’re among those who are really all about the game and really take it to another level, you might want to check this video out because it’s definitely going to be something that you can probably see yourself wasting a little bit of money on if you have it to spare. Personally, as someone who has never even played paintball in their life, seeing something like this really actually makes me want to go out and try it out for myself. These things are almost too cool to wrap your mind around almost as they take the concept of paint based war simulations to another level.

This time, it isn’t just another old game of paintball but instead, we follow along with a game that involves some more complicated tactics than most paintball games that you have probably ever seen or been involved in. Sure, there may be some places that offer up some pretty unique obstacles and tie them into the game to make it a little bit more immersive but this game is on a whole other level by itself as it takes the miniaturized tanks and throws them into the mix. To make things even easier to sink your teeth into, these aren’t just any old props but instead, they function, firing paintballs out there of their turrets as the operator so pleases.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to get a load of these insane little tanks for yourself so be sure to tune in and tell us exactly what you think of how these things manage to come together to make this battle even more tempting to be a part of! If you were thinking about going out there and doing a little bit paintball for yourself, something like this might just tempt you to be put over the edge.

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