Justin Bieber Runs Over and Hospitalizes Paparazzi with his Diesel Pickup Truck

There are lots of jobs in the world but there are very few that are on the same level ...

There are lots of jobs in the world but there are very few that are on the same level of creepy as the paparazzi. In fact, if you took away their cameras and the fact that the people they’re chasing around are celebrities, it would be borderline illegal. However, with the luxury of fame often comes the swarm of cameras that have you surrounded 24/7 every time that you step into a public space and sometimes even beyond that, following these people into places that they were under the impression would be complimented by a nice slice of privacy.

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Many times, because of the frustration that comes alongside being swarmed by people looking to get a story, new stories arise as celebrities have been known to tell the camera wielding vultures off, creating quite the scene and even more press. This time, we check out another situation in which a star and member of the press got tangled up but it looks to be totally innocent as this guy turned his head for a second and when Justin Bieber couldn’t see him over the hood of the Cummins powered Ram pickup that he was driving, he proceeded to accidentally plow right over the man, knocking both him and his camera to the ground.

Reports tell us that the 57-year-old photographer was sent to the hospital to be treated for his minor injuries that he incurred on the scene. Bieber was said to have completely cooperated with police on the scene and, as of now, we haven’t seen any legal ramifications come about because of this little mix up. However, on another note that we’re not sure is related as of yet, Bieber has canceled the remainder of the current tour that he’s been on. Could this mean that Justin is about to be tied up in a legal battle? Only time will tell.

Justin Bieber drives into photographer by accident

GRAPHIC: The pop singer was pulling away from a group of photographers when one of them stepped forward and was hit by the truck. STORY >> http://bit.ly/2v0pBk6

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, July 27, 2017

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