Kamikaze’s Refreshed Twin Turbo El Camino Dyno Run

Over the years we have seen the flat black Chevrolet El Camino, once belonging to ...

Over the years we have seen the flat black Chevrolet El Camino, once belonging to Flip and now piloted by Kamikaze, with many different looks. Our favorite will always be that small tire El Camino with a slapped together nitrous combo consisting of borrowed parts and zoomies cackling out the front fenders, however this new El Camino shares very little of the same parts as that old car. Which is just as awesome!

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As the story goes, Kamikaze picked up the car after a childhood friend and previous owner/driver, Flip, passed away and the El Camino sat behind Big Chief’s house. Since then this El Camino has been on a mission! At first, Chris made a solid run almost into the top 5 on small tires but ran into a little mishap when the car spun and hopped a curb. Big changes were coming, and they came in a hurry!

Not long ago we have seen Kamikaze make a major change when him and a couple buddies tore the car down in his garage and made it into a big tire car. It didn’t quite fit the big tires the other guys had on it, but it was a sizable change for the old El Camino. With a new nitrous combo from Fast Times Motorworks out of the Chicago area, we see the best run yet out of the El Camino, even taking down Doc with his big tire, big cubic inch, nitrous-huffing Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

However Chris just wasn’t satisfied with having a top 5 car. He wanted to go number one. So, with a pretty surprising turn of events, Chris decided it was time to go twin turbo. Originally the car debuted at PRI in December but Chris wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, so he changed it… Again… and again until finally, this creation was ready to rip! The car was recently raced in the Outlaw Armageddon no prep race, showing off this combo, where he almost beat fan favorite, and a driver favored to win the whole race, Kayla Morton, almost edging her out for the win but coming up just short.

This time, we take a dive into a quick video of Chris at the Haltech office getting the El Camino and the fuel injection system lined up just right on the dyno. Be sure to let Chris know what you think of his new combo and how far this car has come!

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