“Keep right except to pass” Man being followed by police brake checks the cop following him

For some reason, in the year of 2016, there are still people who are not aware that ...

For some reason, in the year of 2016, there are still people who are not aware that the left lane is designed for passing and the right lane is designed for all other kinds driving.

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In this situation, we check out the driver of a van who not only can’t seem to grasp that concept but manages to put a spotlight on himself in front of a police officer.

Now, whether or not it was right for this officer to tailgate the van is up for debate, but what isn’t up for debate is the fact that the van shouldn’t have been in the left lane to begin with!

As if the situation hadn’t already escalated enough, the van driver would take it yet another step further to the shock of all viewers at once.

Check it out and the video below as this van driver takes the liberty of stabbing the brakes to brake check the police officer in rainy conditions. That is definitely worthy of a traffic stop and a little chat. What do you think of this whole situation?

Massachusetts Driver Brake Checks State Police – Instant Karma

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