Ken Block’s Gymkhana TEN Ride Has A Surprising Powerplant – The Hoonitruck

When it comes to what Ken Block and company are able to put out for their Gymkhana ...

When it comes to what Ken Block and company are able to put out for their Gymkhana videos, you really can’t help but be impressed by the production. Not only does it take our favorite pastime in racing and put it on a pedestal but also does so in such a way with incredible production value that makes these videos a ton of fun to watch all while throwing something a little bit different into the mix each and every time that keeps you on the edge of your seat, hoping that something big is coming which is usually rewarded with a big-time delivery!

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While there are plenty of things that make these Gymkhana videos a ton of fun to watch, you have to admit that one of the biggest staples of the action is the vehicle that makes all the magic happen. Without having some of the awesome cars that these productions have put in front of the camera, the videos might not be as memorable as they have become. After all, how could we possibly forget Block tossing the rally car around in the streets of San Fransisco or something as magical as the twin turbo Hoonicorn taking everything that we knew about a classic Ford Mustang and completely flipping it on its head?

This time, if we were to say so ourselves, we have to admit that the crew at Hoonigan has done it again! Not only have they come out with something creative but they’ve also done it on a platform that isn’t often modified in the world of performance at all.

This time, we really get to dig our teeth in and get a taste of a truck that we are incredibly excited to see in the tenth rendition of the Gymkhana series. As if a completely decked out in 1977 Ford F-150 wasn’t quite enough for you, this one even has a power plant that will make your eyes open wider as it has made use of a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with a twin-turbo combination, all based off of the Ford GT, that is able to crank out 914 hp that ends up getting to the ground through a rally inspired all-wheel-drive combination that is sure to make things here even more interesting.

As if the vehicles that they gave us before this thing wasn’t already good enough, we can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to watch this Ford pickup go to work.


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