Ken Block’s Terrakhana – Gymkhana Meets Dirt and We Love it Just as Much

When it comes to some of the ultimate wheelmen that you have seen blasting around in ...

When it comes to some of the ultimate wheelmen that you have seen blasting around in displays that really show off exactly what a car and driver combination can do, you’re kind of bound to think of Ken Block and the Gymkhana series almost immediately. With all the crazy things that this guy has done behind the wheel of a car, you can’t help but drop what you’re doing when you see another one of these videos come out where Block pushes whatever machine he happens to be behind the wheel of the absolute limit, keeping cool and calm behind the wheel as he seems to defy physics with the way that he wheels.

This time, it isn’t Gymkhana that we’re looking at, but instead, a little bit of a spinoff that goes by the name of “Terrakhana,” a driving display that takes the concept behind its sister programming and blasts through the desert, putting a rather insane 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 in the pressure cooker, really turning up the heat on what a machine like this can attempt and conquer. This time, Block is for real as he takes the Fiesta up towering hills, over brutal bumps, and sends sand all over the place in the process as he completely demolishes whatever terrain gets in his way no matter how much it looks like he’d be going way too big by doing so!

Check out the video below as Block rips around at 4300 feet of elevation, taking the 102°F ambient temperature and making the absolute best of it. I guarantee you that when you check out the video below, you will find your fair share of adrenaline as the plot flips the script what exactly a car like this can accomplish. Watch in on this all-wheel-drive monster as it blasts its way through the desert – it’s nothing short of impressive to witness.


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