Latest Developments Infer Kevin Hart Was Driving in Recent Accident

Update:  A recent release from TMZ has offered an alternate story. Allegedly, they ...

Update:  A recent release from TMZ has offered an alternate story. Allegedly, they had spoken to the man who called 911 from the scene. He has now told TMZ that the man who got out of the driver’s seat was, in fact, Kevin. It wasn’t Jared Black as we previously reported. The site goes on to say that when CHP arrived on the scene, Jared was in the driver’s seat. The 911 call related to the incident has been released and can be heard below.

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On a positive note, Kevin should be out of the hospital within a week. However, rumor has it that he’s going to need extensive rehab.

This past weekend, multi-talented celebrity, Kevin Hart, was injured in an accident involving his 1970 Plymouth Cuda. The Hellcat-powered car that Hart had purchased earlier this year as a birthday gift to himself was being piloted by Jared Black. The two had been extracted from the car via the jaws of life after it had rolled over.

We’re told that Black lost control of the car, crashed through a fence, and rolled down a hill. Both of the men were transported to the hospital with back injuries. Hart’s wife has broken her silence, saying that he is doing well after surgery. His fans have been chomping at the bit for any piece of info that they can seem to find.

A third occupant was able to walk away uninjured.

With a following as loyal as Hart’s, people have been clamoring and wondering how long such a recovery might take. From what we understand, there is no official statement as to his recovery time. While it might be grasping at straws, back injuries could take as little as a couple of weeks to recover from. However, depending on the injuries, it may also take six months or more. Only time will tell.

With the hard-working type that Hart seems to be, we’re willing to bet that he’s almost certainly going to want to get back to life as it was ASAP. How this will integrate with his recovery time, we can’t say for sure. We will be keeping an eye on the latest updates and reporting them as they become available.

We do have to say that we’re rooting for Kevin in his recovery efforts! The video below shows us the current outpouring of support for Hart from the celebrity community. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that he has quite the cheering section here. – TMZ

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