Kia Compared Their Car To a Lamborghini In New Commercial… Funny!

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Here's your chance to own a 750+whp Cts-V3
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Somebody at Kia, or their marketing firm, needs a raise. A huge one, in my opinion. This is absolutely one of the most brilliant commercials I’ve ever seen, and I hope other automakers are taking note, because this is how you get people’s attention.

Obviously, nobody considering a Kia Forte is in the market for a Lamborghini Aventador, and nobody who can afford a Lambo is looking at anything Kia has to offer, but the scrappy South Korean automaker decided to call out the Italian exotic automaker for a head to head, on its own turf… Sort of.

Lined up side by side on the racetrack, the differences are obvious and the advantage is glaring. For the Forte. With the engines silent, the cars have almost nothing in common, but if you have a family and need your car to be more function than form, the Kia literally kicks the Aventador’s ass! Not only does the Kia have regular doors that open out instead of up, it has twice as many. Out back, the trunk of the Forte holds three times as much as that of the Lambo, which literally does only have room for one medium sized bag and little else.

Moving inside the cabin, the Kia has several amenities, like a touchscreen infotainment system and optional wireless charging right there in the center console. The Aventador offers none of those options. The Lambo is also notoriously uncomfortable, while the Kia has ten-way adjustable seats.

Of course, there’s the whole matter of horsepower and speed, but if you’re hauling the kids around, horsepower is likely way down on your list or priorities, while things like having enough seats for everybody would be way higher up that list. So yes, the Aventador would definitely win in a race and it does have a certain appeal as far as looks that we can’t deny, but for a lot less money, you can have a Kia!

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