Kid showing off on his street bike eats a curb when reality strikes hard

When stunt riders hit their marks just right, these guys are able to carry out some ...

When stunt riders hit their marks just right, these guys are able to carry out some pretty impressive maneuvers behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

However, with the quickly changing scenarios and high-risk stunts, there also a lot of situations in which riders will bite off a lot more than they can chew, going head-to-head with pure danger.

This time, when a rider finds himself in such a position, the end result is a lot more than the poor guy had ever bargained for and we would imagine that it left him in a world of hurt along the way.

We watch as the rider attempts to make his way down a street, not only standing on his bike, but doing it backwards as the bike is rolling under its own momentum.

Things would quickly get out of hand when the rider noticed the wheels were starting to veer to the side of the road and beings as he was facing backwards, there wasn’t too much that he could do to prevent catastrophe.

The scene unfolds in the video below from a variety of angles that has this guy getting a full course meal of curb in this stunt gone wrong. It also sounds like there might be a woman in the camera car who isn’t too happy with the shenanigans.

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