Kid Talks Up His Honda Civic And Loses Against A Truck!

All the way back in may of 2016, the Broke Boys were just getting their channel ...

All the way back in may of 2016, the Broke Boys were just getting their channel launched on YouTube and were making some of their first videos, basically just the three of them cutting up around the neighborhood in their rides, trying to build an audience and find some direction with their channel. They decided to take out the Civic and do a little roll racing against the Tacoma to see which one is faster from a slow roll, but not before doing a little smack talking back and forth, a step that simply cannot be overlooked in any good street race… or any bad street race, for that matter. After a little back and forth, they load up and head out to throw down just outside the neighborhood with a couple of races.

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The first run, the Taco gets a jump on the Civic and walks away to take an easy win, although it’s hard to say if the Civic was just late getting on the throttle or if the Tacoma may have jumped a little too early. Regardless, they line up and run again, this time with an almost dead-even start and the pickup walks away from the Honda yet again, though this time the margin is much closer thanks to the even start. On the way back to the house, they decide to throw down one more time, and yet again the Toyota pickup takes the win over the Civic, proving without a doubt which ride is faster.

From there, we head back to the garage, where the guys check progress on their pursuit of their first 1,000 subscribers – they are now over the 30K subscriber mark – and do a little more talk about what plans they have for their channel and their rides. This video may not be the best clip you’ve seen, but this is now most channels get their start. As these guys made more content, they took feedback from the fans and used that to make their videos better, and their channel has grown to a solid fan base thanks to that. We’ll check out their videos and see what’s going on in their world today and maybe bring you some more of their stuff!

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