Kye Kelley Shocker vs Matthew Frost’s procharged Nova at Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep

Following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event episode, ...

Following the huge turnout and response to the Bristol No Prep event episode, Discovery Channel took the show west and rolled into Tucson Dragway for another race with a nice fat check for the winner. With another huge group of stars from the show as well as some of the biggest names in no prep racing on the property, that $40,000 check would certainly be earned, with the winner almost guaranteed to have to take out some heavy hitters on the way to the win.

Most of us know by now that Kye Kelley took the win at Tucson, leaving the Wild West with a pile of cash and bragging rights to match after taking down and outlasting some of the biggest names in the world of no prep and the stars of Street Outlaws as well.

One opponent Kelley had to face on his way to the win is a bit of a newcomer to the no prep world. Matthew Frost’s ProCharged Nova is one of the best looking cars you’re likely to ever see. The car would be equally at home on the floor of a major car show as it is on the drag strip, and the massive supercharged powerplant should tell you just how comfortable the car is on the track.

Frost lays down am insane half-track burnout to try to give his car the best grip possible off the line. Kye follows suit, though not nearly as far as Frost, and both drivers back up carefully into the fresh hot rubber tracks. Their crews get them lined up and ready to do battle, then turn things over to the drivers to see who could navigate the tricky Arizona track.

When Frost is bumping in, he turns off the prestage light, which likely distracted him, allowing Kye to jump all over him when the green light flashed, with his Shocker Camaro pulling out to a big lead. Frost looked to be on a decent pass, though he would have certainly had his work cut out for him trying to reel Kye in, but his Nova drifted over the centerline, disqualifying him, although he was on his way to taking the L anyway thanks to his tardy start.

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