Kye Kelley Shows Up to No Mercy Untested, Goes Rounds With the Fastest Cars on a 275 in the World!

When it comes to racing, there are naturally going to be lots of different opinions ...

When it comes to racing, there are naturally going to be lots of different opinions about how to go fast. Everyone is on the same page about one thing, though. The more hours that someone is able to put into testing, the better they are going to be.

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Naturally, having the time to really iron out what works and what doesn’t isn’t just a way to throw away the bad. It’s a good way to potentially stumble into a better version of your setup that could perform more effectively. When it comes to races that are separated by less than a car length in many cases, it’s not hard to see how every hundredth of a second really matters.

Heading into the Pro 275 class at No Mercy, Kye Kelley would be at a pretty decent disadvantage. With a setup that really lacked the appropriate aforementioned testing, it seemed as if Kelley would just be forced to put the car on the track and see what happened. Adjustments could be made but they would have to be made on the fly if he wanted to be competitive.

However, as an experienced racer, this wouldn’t deter Kelley from giving it his best shot. When all was said and done, we would be inclined to think that he probably was pretty happy with where all of the chips ended up falling.

Below, we get a first-hand encounter from the outing. Justin Swanstrom was a big part in helping out with the effort and he decided to record a little bit of a vlog video footage and put it all on YouTube for us to be able to ride along with the best seat in the house.

It’s pretty neat to have a chance to see the action from the driver’s seat every once in a while!

On to rd 2 . Thanks Adam Drzayich for the hard work, suspension and shocks , Corey Swanstrom, Craig Pachar mark Micke Shannon Davis for all the advice . 7th pass on 275 #jordancarriers Look for my passes on Justin Swan YouTube channelBrian chin for letting the track know he was broke so the #33 (me) car could race today

Posted by Kye Kelley on Saturday, October 17, 2020

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