Guy Films Aftermath of a Fender Bender and the Lady Who Caused it has Quite a Meltdown

Sometimes, you see a situation unfolding it’s really hard to wrap your mind ...

Sometimes, you see a situation unfolding it’s really hard to wrap your mind around what’s actually going on. This time, we check out a scenario that unfolded so quickly that we had a watch it twice to truly grasp everything that happened and you might want to strap in because this one has a lot of moving parts behind it. Let’s just say that this all started out as a simple fender bender and one thing would eventually lead to another before there was a giant eruption of the situation that had lots of screaming and yelling along with threats of violence and even someone shouting about a lawsuit.

You see, as we previously mentioned, the woman pictured here got tangled up in a fender bender with a man behind the camera. Now normally, in a situation like this, you’ll plead your case for the officer who then takes down his report and that’s about it. From there, you might take some pictures of the accident and send them to your insurance company. After that, the company will decide who was at fault and everything else will be handled accordingly. Sometimes, it might even need to end up in court if one person is feeling like they have been wronged and have enough evidence on their side to hold up their lawsuit.

Instead, the top really popped off this one as the woman would completely have a meltdown about being filmed, all the way to just about getting herself locked up and having the police officer screaming at her, telling her that if she continued to screech that she would be going to jail. This doesn’t seem like a fun situation for anybody to be a part of but, just about everything that could have gone wrong here definitely did. Be sure to check out the video for yourself down below as, contrary to this woman’s will, the guy continued to record the situation and it’s now live for you to see.

Wait till the end Bwahahahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Posted by Here Ya Go Snowflakes on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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