Lady Police Officer Impounds a Bike – FAILS MISERABLY

Lady Police Officer Impounds a Bike – FAILS MISERABLYwin $50,000 in cash or ...

Lady Police Officer Impounds a Bike – FAILS MISERABLY

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We’re not sure what the original rider of this motorcycle did to cause the police to impound the bike, but the officer that hopped on the bike seemed to have a bit of trouble getting it loaded up.

After seemingly having a little bit of trouble with getting the bike moving, she would literally roll right into a quite viral epic fail.

When bringing the bike up on to a flat bed, she probably wished she had a few more inches of legs because she managed to high center herself, leaving the Street Bike free to drop on the ground.

Check out the video below as cell phone footage caught the entire thing going down on camera. This had to have been one embarrassing moments for this lady cop! She seemed to be trying to look cool for the guys standing around but really she is making herself look like a fool.

When this motorcycle can’t stop in time, the rider is in for a tumble.



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