Lamborghini driver successfully challenges police fine for his car being too loud

If you hung out around fast cars, you know that there are many of them that make more ...

If you hung out around fast cars, you know that there are many of them that make more than their fair share of noise, even coming straight from the factory without modification.

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While those of us who are entrenched in the hobby might find this noise as pretty appealing or even musical, as you can imagine, there are many who don’t see it the same way.

When this Lamborghini driver was out and about, enjoying his supercar, a police officer within an earshot of the car would file himself in the category of those who aren’t too pleased with the sounds.

The displeased driver who was ticketed for the noise took the issue to court and fought to the tune of $1500 in legal fees that would eventually produce a ruling in his favor.

He says that it’s about principle and not about the money here, but that is definitely an expensive way of proving your point and sticking to what you believe in.

Check out further details on the story in the video below and tell us what you think of the way that this case was handled and the outcome that would have this drive out some serious dough.

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