Lamborghini Issues Huge Recall for Aventador and Veneno Fire risk

Chances are you’ve seen this video of a Lamborghini Aventador seemingly ...

Chances are you’ve seen this video of a Lamborghini Aventador seemingly spontaneously combusting while the driver revs the engine.

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Apparently, this has happened more than once, and has in fact occurred enough to prompt the supercar manufacturer to issue a recall for nearly 6,000 of its vehicles. A faulty component in the emissions control system is allowing spent fuel vapors to come in contact with hot components – most likely the exhaust – and ignite. The recall notice, which well effect approximately 1,500 cars in the US, even mentions specifically the act of revving the engine while sitting still, which aligns perfectly with what happens in that infamous video clip linked above.

So, if you have an Aventador – including the hyper-limited edition Veneneo coupe and roadster iterations – take them to the dealership immediately to have an updated emissions control system installed. You don’t want your Lambo bursting into flames unexpectedly.

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