Lamborghini Releases First SUV, Public Doesn’t Know if they Should Hate it or Love the Urus

Well, it’s official!Click the image below / Shopping NOW to Enter!Win our 850hp ...

Well, it’s official!

Click the image below / Shopping NOW to Enter!
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Lamborghini has finally joined the ranks of the competition in the recent and rather confusing trend of supercar manufacturers deciding that they want to get in on the SUV market. It’s definitely something that has managed to polarize the community and the latest release is absolutely no different as Lamborghini has recently rolled out their very own machine that’s pushing the envelope on the market and really getting us excited to see how this thing is going to perform when it gets the opportunity to make waves against the competition.

Here are the specifics:

The machine that will be known as the Lamborghini Urus will be powered by a bi-turbo Volkswagen based v8 cranking out 641 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, a pretty insane number when it comes to what you normally see out of performance SUVs. Backing that up is an 8-speed transmission that will help that power get to the ground and four-wheel-steering is thrown into the mix with an air suspension just to make things more interesting. All factors considered, this thing is stacking up to pretty intense and is already making waves in the performance community.

However, as with most big releases, the court of public opinion isn’t necessarily all on the same page. In fact, we’ve stumbled upon just as many people who seem to be in lust with this thing as people who are wondering exactly what Lamborghini is thinking! By taking one look at this thing, I don’t think that it’s necessarily surprising that the SUV has garnered a love-or-hate consensus among fans. Check out the video below and, when combining it with all of the nuts and bolts backing this thing up, be sure to tell us what you think is in store for the Lambo that will let you bring the whole family along! Don’t be shocked to see this at a country club near you in the very near future!

Meet the worlds fastest SUV from Lamborghini #Urus AUD 390,000 – Available in Spring 2018

Posted by D'Marge on Monday, December 4, 2017

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