The Latest Truck Trend is Raising More Than a Few Question Marks

When it comes to trends, the automotive community has new ones all the time. Just ...

When it comes to trends, the automotive community has new ones all the time. Just look back over the timeline of hot rodding and we see all sorts of different phenomenon that have come and gone. Some stick around longer than others and really make their presence felt. However, there are also trends that are gone as quick as they showed up. We barely get acquainted with them before they’re pulverized into nothingness. Perhaps, some of these trends were just too ridiculous to be taken seriously for a long period of time. I guess that this is really a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

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This time, we check out a new trend that is just a little bit obscure for our tastes. I’m not sure if we’re just getting older or if we missed the mark on this one. However, we have to admit that this new deal is kind of confusing. It seems to have originated around the Carolinas. It’s unclear if the trend is spreading out of this area but this is how these things start. Who knows? Before long, this could be a worldwide phenomenon.

Essentially, what’s going on down there in North and South Carolina are rev limiter battles of sorts. Essentially, what will happen is a driver of a truck will put their vehicle on the rev limiter for an incredibly long period of time. We’re not really sure what this is supposed to accomplish but apparently, it’s something that has been spotted at various car shows throughout the area.

Sure, those who have nice sounding exhaust systems are going to like for them to be heard every once a while but this just takes it to a whole new level. When we follow along with the video below, it lays out the trend. Be sure to tell us what your thoughts are on exactly what’s been going on in this corner of the truck community.

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