Launch Control and 0-60 MPH Testing on the new 2018 Ford GT

It almost seems like something that we never thought we would be saying. There is a ...

It almost seems like something that we never thought we would be saying. There is a Ford that has a base price quickly approaching half of a million dollars and even though it is probably the most critically acclaimed Ford in history in the Ford GT, it’s still pretty astounding to see just how far the brand has come to the point where it’s rivaling some of the cars in the world that are held in the highest regard. We wouldn’t be shocked to see that this is one of those rare examples of a vehicle that has the ability to appreciate in value as well, bringing more money in over time.

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So what is it that north of $450,000 is going to be buying you in a car that you can’t even just go to the dealership and┬ápurchase but instead have to be approved for after a long and rigorous process? After all, the way that someone needs to present themselves in order to get their hands on one of these cars is pretty insane and it really builds up a wall of mystique around them that has everybody wondering what all of the ins and outs of the car’s intricacies have to offer that really makes a machine like this pop and come together in a way that will have the enthusiasts oozing with awe.

If you follow along down in the video below from the DragTimes YouTube channel, you’ll be able to take a walk in the shoes of a Ford GT owner and see exactly what the car is like as we get a taste of the launch control system and a little bit of 0 to 60 mph testing. While the numbers behind the car will stand out and are quite impressive, the whole experience of being able to do something like this that includes the visuals and sounds alike are all a part of the GT’s bravado that you just need to witness.

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