Launch Gone Wrong – Monte Carlo Takes Out The Tree!

Launch Gone Wrong – Monte Carlo Takes Out The Tree!pre-entries are now live for ...

Launch Gone Wrong – Monte Carlo Takes Out The Tree!

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If anybody wants to claim that Hub City Dragway didn’t properly prepare their track surface on this particular night, this Chevrolet Monte Carlo is here to prove them wrong.

When the car goes to launch on the sticky surface during a grudge race, it doesn’t make it all the way down the track. In fact, it doesn’t even make it to the 60-foot mark.

When the Chevy goes to launch off the line, it hooks so well that the left side lug nuts snap right off, causing the car to veer left and take out the tree in the process.

Check out the video below as a mechanical failure give the Chevrolet Camaro in the left lane an easy win, just like that. It might not be the happiest moment for the Monte Carlo owner, but hey, at least they have an excuse to upgrade now!

Yikes! This street race is going to leave a mark!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.33.46 AM

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