Let’s Talk Culture… Why Do People Stretch Their Tires?

When it comes to car culture, trends definitely come and go. Even though certain ...

When it comes to car culture, trends definitely come and go. Even though certain things seem like they’re going to hang around forever, It really seems like there’s a shelf life on most fads that you see in automotive culture. Only the ideas like going fast and looking good are going to be hanging around years from now but how that’s accomplished is always changing. However, in the meantime, even though certain things might not be popular in the future that doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying them, even when the times change to favor something fresh and new.

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One of these trends that most in the car market would’ve thought would have faded into oblivion by now is the idea of having a “stance” car and stretching your tires. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, basically the whole community is built around taking various vehicles as low as you possibly can and tilting the wheels and tires inward as to be able to fit a little bit more wheel mass under the vehicle. If you want to talk about a polarizing topic, bring this up at the next car meet because we can guarantee you that some people will be in love with it and others, well, they’re going to be vocal about how much they hate it.

If you check out the video below, we drop in on someone’s explanation for what exactly stance is along with why they think it is necessary in order to get the best look on their car. Is it just something that they do for aesthetics or does it have more of a purpose behind it? If you tune into the video below you’ll find out just that. While this might not change your mind on what you think about something like stretched tires, it certainly gives you a new perspective to think about things from.

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