Lights Out 10! Who Will Be Number 1 Qualifier?

Lights Out 10! Who Will Be Number 1 Qualifier? This weekend will mark the tenth ...

Lights Out 10! Who Will Be Number 1 Qualifier? This weekend will mark the tenth anniversary of promoter Donald Long’s Duck X Productions and his tandem of small tire throwdowns held each spring and fall at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Videographer extraordinaire Hans Pierre Jr from Free Life films has put together this video from the past seven years or so of DXP’s events capturing the number one qualifier from both Lights Out and No Mercy.

With fourteen passes or so to watch in just Radial vs the World, I’m not going to discuss each run, but some of these really stand out because I was there for them, and because they would go down as milestone runs in the drag radial world. For example, at the 2:30 mark, we see THE Kevin Mullins lay down a 4.11 elapsed time. This was significant because just a couple of months earlier, Keith Berry had shocked the world with the first sub 4.20 pass. In the course of one off-season, Mullins came back and knocked nearly a tenth off the record with his 4.11, which he backed up with another 4.11 just a pass or 2 later.

The following year, Jason Michalak would lower the boom on the class with a 4.03 elapsed time, which sent the buzz about the first radial car to go in the 3’s into overdrive. It would be Jeff Sitton in the nitrous-fed Killin Time Racing Camaro that sat on the pole at the next No Mercy. Sitton dropped at 3.90 on the field, knocking over a tenth off the previous race’s low number.

This weekend, there are several cars on the property that have already been in the 3.60’s and a few rumored to be gunning for 3.50’s if the track conditions and weather cooperate, so we want you guys to make your predictions here: Who do you think will roll into eliminations Saturday night as the number one qualifier in Radial vs the World? There are over 50 cars pre-entered and likely more planning to drop in to play, so you have plenty of badass hotrods to choose from! Qualifying begins tomorrow night, so get those predictions in!


Duck X Productions – Radial vs the World!

Full Video – the upcoming Lights Out 10 at SGMP, we wanted to take a look back at some of the #1 Qualifiers thruout the years from Lights Out, No Mercy and Sweet 16. Who will be the #1 Qualifier at Lights Out 10? We will find out in a few short days!!Also a big Thank You to some of the companies that have supported us thru the years! Support those who Support us!!- Menscer Motorsports LLC- ARC – Applied Racing Components- FVM Motorsports- ASA Performance- Drag Life- FuelTech USA- ProTorque – Nitrous Outlet

Posted by Free Life Films on Friday, 8 February 2019

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