Little Girl Gets Tooth Pulled Out By Dad’s Camaro and We’ve Never Seen Such Excitement

These days, it seems like there are some videos that we have seen repeated it quite a ...

These days, it seems like there are some videos that we have seen repeated it quite a few times but this time, we check out a video type that we’re more than open to checking out again. It’s not so much about the act but about the reaction as dad has it out with his Chevrolet Camaro and pulls his daughter’s loose tooth right on out. I feel like, with situations like this, it’s definitely not about being the most effective but about creating a memory that this little one will take with her for quite some time, fondly remembering dad’s car as it yanked out one of her teeth.

In this one, this youngster gets ready, tying a string to her tooth and to the back of dad’s car and when he does a burnout and launches the muscle car, the tooth promptly comes flying out as according to plan and, it’s at this point that she gets incredibly excited, screaming and jumping up and down. I would venture to think that this is going to be a story that she’s going to run to school and tell every single one of her friends about along with bragging a little bit about dad’s muscle machine. This is definitely a way that I could see being good to introduce the kid to cars, as well, opening up the opportunity to share in the passion. As if that just having the car wasn’t enough, this takes it to a whole new level.

Check out the video below that takes you on the scene of this family moment that grabs hold of this tooth and banishes it. You already knew that once these videos begin to come out that, whoever made the original one, had probably begun a whole new genre of car video. Check out the clip down below that shows you this moment that we think bring a smile to your face. If it can make you happy for just a moment, it’s more than worth it!

Posted by Roger Stevens on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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