Little Guy Ripping on Dirtbike Wrecks it, Dad Won’t Let Him Quit

Back in the day, we would talk about stories about how dad did this or that, helping ...

Back in the day, we would talk about stories about how dad did this or that, helping us to become the people who we are today. Unfortunately, with the way the technology was and how expensive it would be to film everything, there aren’t too many videos that can get us as personal as the videos that we have these days. With the trends going the way that they are, these types of videos are going to be cherished for years and are incredibly worthwhile for our young ones and even their kids the view down the road so they can get an idea of who exactly their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were on a level that our generation never could possibly do.

This time, we get to join in with one of those touching father and son moments as YouTuber, MadRam11, takes out Mini-MadRam for a little bit of a ride on his shrunken down dirtbike around the front yard. It looks like little man is really getting a hang of things, ripping around in the grass and showing us what he’s got but eventually, as all youngsters do, he falls off of the bike and goes for a tumble. It’s at this point in time that little dude really wants to give up but one of those moments that he will remember forever begins to unfold right there in the front yard as dad is about to unravel some advice for little man.

Check out the video below that is one that is very easy to appreciate as we’re taken inside of the father-son bond between these two that shows a little bit of parenting 101. We have to applaud the youngster here because it looks like that was a pretty hard lick that he ended up taking as he faceplanted straight into the ground off of the bike.

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