🎥 Live IN Your Truck For Cheap – LUXURY TRUCK CAMPING

Live IN Your Truck For Cheap – LUXURY TRUCK CAMPING* Click the image below and ...

Live IN Your Truck For Cheap – LUXURY TRUCK CAMPING

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When you think of camping, you probably picture pitching a tent and laying on the ground while building a fire and maybe making a couple of s’mores while you tell ghost stories.

The owner of this Chevrolet Silverado, however, had something a little bit different in mind that isn’t the traditional Kumbaya style of experiencing the outdoors.

This time, we take a walk through what might be one of the coolest conversions of a traditional single cabĀ truck that we have seen. This thing is hooked up with everything from a solar powered outlet to power a television to a custom made bed.

Check out the truck and its entirety in the video below to see everything that’s done to this creative build. Personally, we think that even if you are the type who isn’t a fan of camping, this truck might just change your mind!

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