Longboarder Crashes Head First Into Oncoming Car

This dude is extremely lucky, and by the time this video ends, it’s pretty ...

This dude is extremely lucky, and by the time this video ends, it’s pretty obvious that he is well aware of that fact.

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Our longboarder is coming down a hill with several fellow boarders when, at the sight of an oncoming car, a couple of boarders lose their grip on the roadway. They try to stand up, which should help slow them down somewhat by increasing their wind resistance. Instead, they find themselves making contact, which sends both riders tumbling. One of the riders just tumbled right down the road, while the other guy bounced hard into the front bumper of the oncoming car hard enough to make the nose of the car lift several inches upon impact.

Luckily, the rider seems to have escaped serious energy despite bouncing with pretty great force into the bumper of the car that ignited the series of events that ended with the boarders tumbling across the pavement.

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