Looking Inside a Cartel Submarine

Earlier this week, we saw a pretty crazy video making its way to the web. As a ...

Earlier this week, we saw a pretty crazy video making its way to the web. As a drug-smuggling submarine navigated through the ocean, a member of the Coast Guard jumped on top and broke inside. The smugglers would be apprehended and drugs recovered. When all was said and done, all the submarine bust would be a part of a larger operation that would recover $569 million dollars worth of drugs. It would also yield a clip that looked like something straight out of an action movie.

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So with so much precious cargo on board, how does such a submarine get spotted? One would think that the people who are funding this operation would’ve spent more money to ensure that their product ended up getting to where it needed to be. We’re no professionals but this rig looks like it would be relatively easy to spot.

This time, thanks to Inside Edition, we get to take a look inside of one of these vessels. The semi-submersible acts as a sort of stealthier version of a boat. While it doesn’t glide across the top of the water like a boat, the machine still has to have it’s top above the water. This is where the Coast Guard saw its opportunity to strike.

Inside, we definitely weren’t expecting what we actually ended up seeing. One would expect a well-outfitted piece of machinery in order to transport that sort of expensive cargo safely. Instead, what we end up stumbling upon is something that looks like it’s barely holding together. Inside, there is room for sleeping and storage for the cargo but not much else. It looks like a rather uncomfortable and unreliable ride.

At the end of the day, the vessel will end up being no match for the Coast Guard as they expertly maneuvered inside. Long story short, chalk one up for the good guys!

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