Looters Hit Dodge Dealer, Steal Hellcats After Hitting the Nike Store

Just when you thought that you’d seen it all, 2020 swoops in and smacks us with ...

Just when you thought that you’d seen it all, 2020 swoops in and smacks us with all of the unexpected. If nothing else, this year has really shown us that we should expect the unexpected. One thing has seemed to pile on top of the next in a year that started with the death of Kobe Bryant and continued to a nationwide quarantine before seeing widespread protests and riots.

As peaceful protests continue around America, a group of people rioting seems to have taken advantage of the situation. These rioters will stop at nothing to get free stuff. It doesn’t matter if they have to smash through honest peoples’ businesses all while overshadowing the message of the ongoing protests. These selfish individuals are out for profit as they steal and break things.

One of the most recent stories of looting comes from San Leandro Dodge. Just as we stated earlier in this article, it really is a time where we should expect the unexpected. However, we didn’t expect the looting to spread to the car dealerships. This particular Dodge dealership claims that 50 vehicles were stolen right off of the lot.

The dealership says that these looters broke into the building and managed to gain access to the key safe. From there, car alarms were likely used for thieves to locate all of the vehicles corresponding to these keys. They then make off with the vehicles into the night. One individual even drove a car straight off of the showroom floor through the front window of the dealership.

All of this was said to happen after the people in question had left the Nike store. They also broke into the dollar store but oddly enough, it was left relatively untouched inside.

Down in the video below, the local CBS affiliate was able to catch up with the dealership to find out more about what happened and how they’re handling it.


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