Lotus Evora Powered by a Hayabusa Engine!

Lotus Evora Powered by a Hayabusa Engine!double your entries NOW for this 1100hp ...

Lotus Evora Powered by a Hayabusa Engine!

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Generally, the point of an engine swap is to take something with a ton of cubic inches and shove it into a platform that is either unique or lightweight… Or possibly, a combination of both.

This time, however, the swap in question doesn’t involve all that many cubic inches at all. Instead, it makes use of a Hayabusa motorcycle engine that’s plopped into a car!

Even though this engine might be used to power bikes, we think that it will find a comfortable home inside of the Lotus Evora that it will now be powering, given that this car might as well weigh as much as the bike from which the power comes.

Check out the video below that shows off the completed swap and tell us what you think of this thing. That engine sure does sound angry and we can’t wait to see it in action!

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