Love Margaritas? Try This 7000 HP Nitro Marg Mixer On For Size

I’ve always said bad it’s a dangerous combination when you take a bunch ...

I’ve always said bad it’s a dangerous combination when you take a bunch of gearheads and combine them with just the right set of tools along with the essence of boredom.This is where you to see some of the best videos come alive, though, when these people with mechanical inclination use what they have at their fingertips in order to take away said boredom. Sometimes, you end up with something really dangerous and other times, it might be something like a 7000 hp nitro burning margarita mixer. Just when you thought that we were kidding, out comes a video that shows off exactly that.

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In this one, the folks over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos takes us to the pits of a top fuel drag race where an extra engine is being put to good use. After a long day racing, the whole crew is surely tired and probably a little bit stressed out as, while racing can be fun, it is certainly is a grind as well when you’re competing at a high level. Therefore, top fuel driver, Scott Palmer, and his crew decided that they wanted to make use of one of their extra motors, hooking it up to the contraption that would allow it to make a couple of adult icy cold beverages for the enjoyment of those standing around and watching.

If you follow along with the video below, you will see what might just be one of the coolest margarita mixers that you have ever laid your eyes on. Previous to this, you might have never even thought of a margarita mixer as something that you thought would be cool. However, after watching something like this, you might just be taking a second look at your blender and considering upgrading some of the equipment that you have laying around in your kitchen, after all.

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