Low Car Limbo – The Most Ridiculous Automotive Fad?

There are a lot of trends that quickly come and go in the automotive industry. One ...

There are a lot of trends that quickly come and go in the automotive industry. One day, we’re looking at white wall tires and the next, those white walls are replaced by white letter letters. In the moment, it’s usually popular to hate on these trends. Eventually, though we all looked back at these weird kind of automotive nuances with some sort of nostalgia. One of those fads that has been most prominent in recent memory is that of lowered cars. No, we aren’t talking about simply lowering a vehicle to make it look more aggressive. We’re talking about lowering a vehicle to the point where it’s basically impossible to drive at all.

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As it turns out, those who are into this sort of trend have their very own car meets. While that might not be surprising, the fact that they’re able to compete with their vehicles might be. That’s not a shot or a jab at the lowered car community. However, for those who have the main focus of dragging their chassis on the ground, it’s kind of hard to imagine how they would be a competitive bunch of folks. When it comes to the low car limbo, though, these guys really go all out in order to try and take home victory. Seriously, though, it looks like some of these people called every one of their friends to help.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to check in with low car limbo as vehicle after vehicle rolls on by. Not only are these cars lowered but they’re also stuffed with people. It seems as if it’s “the more the merrier” when it comes to making sure that these vehicles are as low as they can be. Some of these competitors really went overboard and we’re loving every second of it.

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