Lowered Car Fails and Awful Scrapes will Make you Cringe Hard

When it comes to the aesthetic value of your car, doing certain things can really add ...

When it comes to the aesthetic value of your car, doing certain things can really add to it or detract from it in some way. For example, it’s definitely no secret that lots of people around the car scene will enjoy lowering their vehicle to give it a little bit of a different appearance, tucking the wheels in tighter to the body and bringing the entire thing down just a little bit so that there’s less of a gap between you and ground. Many would argue that it looks a little bit better that way. However, it definitely comes to a point where sometimes you really can go entirely too low.

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I guess that, for any car enthusiast who is looking to go down a little bit with their ride height, there’s a constant internal debate between what looks good and what’s functional because, as you’re making your way around town, you’ll find that with a lowered vehicle, the features that are built into the roadways don’t always agree with your sense of automotive style. Depending on where you live, different curbs that you need to make your way over or potholes in the road might mean big-time damage to your car if you go too low.

When follow along down in the Gaskings video below, you’ll see a whole collection of lowered car fails where car owners just took too much of a chance in a situation where they probably shouldn’t have. Some of these fails┬ácan be rather painful to watch but with others, you just have to sit back and wonder what exactly the drivers of the vehicles were thinking. After seeing something like this, it almost makes you want to never try to lower a car ever again because with every scrape, it almost takes a part of your soul away.

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