This Engineer Is Building A Quad Turbo V12 from Two Supra Motors

This MAD Scientist Is Building A Quad Turbo V12 from Two Supra Motors* win this ...

This MAD Scientist Is Building A Quad Turbo V12 from Two Supra Motors

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If you’re a fan of the Toyota Supra, then boy have we found something that will make your toes curl! This retired mechanical engineer dubbed the “Mad Scientist” is putting a pair of 1jz engines together in such a way that will create a torque belting v12, unlike the v12 that Toyota currently produces to be quiet and smooth.

Below are some of the details and pictures that we’ve gathered from ClubLexus on what will be featured in the build:

“•Cut the bottoms from two Toyota Supra inline 6 cylinder motors
•Machined, welded, stress relieved and align bored a crankcase for 120 degree V angle.
•Purchased a custom crankshaft from Scat with SB Chevy main bearings, Honda rod bearings. Honda H-beam rods too 4. Bolted cylinder blocs to crankcase using Toyota oil drain back holes modified.
•Reversed one head so there are common ports to the center of the motor.
•Put the exhaust ports to the center just for giggles.
•Fabricated an oil pan from 3/4″ aluminum plate and mounted a dry sump pump.
•Built two cam drives and a serpentine drive for alternator and twin water pumps.
•Started exhaust headers…no intake yet.
•This is a 5 Liter/300 CI Turbocharged to a target of 800 HP”

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From there it gets even more unique. Instead of dropping this 800hp monster into a Toyota body, it will grace either a ’55 Chevy truck or custom tube-frame project. We would love to see where it ends up, especially if that is complimented by a killer video!

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