Magnus Frost Goes For Wildest Ride in Drag Week History, Ends up on Roof

As this article is being posted, Hot Rod’s Drag Week is officially underway. ...

As this article is being posted, Hot Rod’s Drag Week is officially underway. For those who aren’t familiar with the event, basically, drivers are put through a grueling week of driving over 1000 miles from racetrack to racetrack. After racing at four different circuits, they finally make their way back to the original track for a final showdown. Over the course of the race, the best drivers to survive will be crowned the champion of their class.

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Most of the time, the focus is on being able to drive a vehicle to the next event. While some are tamer street machines, others are a little bit more track-oriented. These cars require some serious work in order to be able to travel from event to event. It’s not as simple as slapping them on the street and driving.

Unfortunately, for Magnus Frost, his biggest Drag Week concern wouldn’t arise in the street driving portion. It would pop up right in between the concrete walls of the track at Cecil County Dragway. As he rocketed his way down the strip, things would simply go awry. This isn’t an accident that Frost would be able to recover from, either. Unfortunately, after this one, his Drag Week is most likely over. Luckily, Frost wasn’t too banged up from the incident. This car is definitely going to need some love, though.

By following along with the video below, we watch the insane moment as the car loses control slides across the track. As Frost attempts to regain control of the car, he simply is not able to muster up a good enough effort. We’re not sure that anybody would’ve been able to save it after this thing began to go sideways at a high rate of speed. From there, the car collides with the wall and actually ends up on its roof.

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