Major Accident Creates Gridlock On Highway, Food Truck Driver Takes Full Advantage

If you’ve ever attempted to travel California highways, or even heard of people ...

If you’ve ever attempted to travel California highways, or even heard of people who have tried to travel on California highways, you know that this commute can be one that is a little bit of a struggle as these ares tend be some of the most highly inhabited traveling surfaces on Earth with all sorts of motorists attempting to get to the airport, to work, or to wherever else it is that they might possibly need to be. Let’s just say that if you’ve never traveled on them and this is your first time, maybe you want to leave yourself a bit of padding before your deadline to get to wherever it is that you need to go.

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In this situation, however on the 105 near Hawthorn, tragedy would strike and while the inconvenience of being stuck in traffic was nothing compared to the lives lost in the tanker crash that happened way up ahead of where all of this was going on, the people who were stuck in traffic were still left to deal with the situation at hand for a very long time. After sitting hours upon hours in traffic, it turned out that a food truck that was also stuck in the jam had a driver who decided that he was going to open up shop right in the middle the highway.

You could call it opportunistic but I think that has a little bit of a negative connotation on it and it really does seem like this food truck driver was doing a good deed for the people around him. Sure he was taking money for the food but when he noticed the gridlock, he decided that it would be appropriate to give everybody stuck there half off of the price of their food as they came to the truck, buying all sorts of sandwiches to satisfy that hunger while they would sit and wait for the accident ahead to be cleared up a little bit.

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