Man Gets Angry About His Mud Truck Breaking So He Destroys His Tow Rig!

While many people might have their eyes on the prize with the main event at an ...

While many people might have their eyes on the prize with the main event at an off-road throw down in the mud trucks, I think that we can all appreciate a tow rig that finds itself being equally as badass with all kinds of power and off-road ability to match. This rig most certainly falls into that category as the person behind the wheel pushes it to another level and makes this machine do things that we’re not sure we would believe it to be capable of if we hadn’t come across the video for ourselves!

This time, we check out the scene as a Powerstroke powered Ford pickup hits the mud course hard after apparently, the owner’s mud truck broke. Let’s just say that this driver was determined to be a part of the action whether or not his main vehicle was serving him at the moment! While the replacement might not be lifted up to the sky or have any sort of oversized tires, it most certainly is no slouch when it heads to the obstacle course and slays the mud with a vengeance as it goes through the obstacles at wide open throttle!

From the looks of things, I would be inclined to say that this machine might even perform better than most of the purpose built trucks that you see out there slinging mud everywhere – all for a fraction of the price. This thing really has that special sleeper look too! You thought that the drag strip was the only place for a sleeper but this time, we see one in action in the mud!

Check out the video down below that shows this menacing machine throwing down in the elements. You’d never expect to see this diesel perform the way that it does off-road, but once that throttle drops, so will your jaw, because the performance here is undeniable and certainly unexpected.

When your mud truck is broke and your Tow Rigs a 4x4Full beatdown – https://goo.gl/gRpToA

Posted by Tow Rigs on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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