Man Arrested After Posting Video Of 195 MPH Corvette Run On The Fwy

Sometimes, people do some things that they’re going to look back on and want to ...

Sometimes, people do some things that they’re going to look back on and want to facepalm eternally for in long lasting regret. Not only did the guy behind the wheel of this Chevrolet Corvette fitted with some form of forced induction (it sounds like a turbo is hiding out under that hood somewhere) head out to the highway to do a 195 mph pull but he recorded it with his face top dead center.

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From the details, it looks like this 30-year-old was trying to sell his highly modified car and thought that heading out to the highway to do some high-speed exhibition-ing was the best way to lure in potential buyers. Maybe showing off performance could be a good thing for this sale but that’s not how it’s done.

As the story goes, the driver would eventually be found out and arrested after posting the video that showed him rowing the gears in the souped-up muscle machine. We aren’t told what would ever come of the arrest.

Check out the sale video down below that ended up being quite the fail. It leads one to wonder if this now infamous Corvette would draw in a buyer to take on the car.

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