Man Breaks Out Of Back Of Cop Car, Sits On It As It Rolls Down Highway

With the help of the Internet, we’re able to essentially virtually travel all ...

With the help of the Internet, we’re able to essentially virtually travel all over the world, checking out situations that you never would have otherwise been able to even hear about but now, with the click of a couple of buttons, you’re able to see them unfold in full high definition, essentially bringing you to the scene of the action as the most obscure events in the world pop right into your lap. Now, whether that’s for better or for worse we will leave for you to decide, however, it’s kinda hard to deny that it actually ends up being quite entertaining with a plethora of video that you have access to.

This time, of the scene of the action is coming at us from Wichita Falls, Texas. As it turns out, the individual that’s the center of attention had been arrested for one reason or another, not important to the story, but he decided that he wanted to try and break out of the police cruiser which definitely is relevant info. Somehow, he actually managed to have a little bit of success with it. However, I’m not sure that his plan went too much deeper beyond this point. When he eventually made his way out of the car and was able to climb to the roof, he didn’t do much but hang out atop the police cruiser as the car would continue on down the highway.

If you follow down video below, you’ll be able see the scene as the individual climbed out of the car and continued on the ride before multiple other police cruisers would converge on the squad car in question with the suspect hanging out on the roof and would eventually take him down. He would later be charged with evading arrest amongst other things and it really leads you to question his motives here and what he thought was going to happen after all was said and done.

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